About Wendy Davis

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A Texas Story

Like any true Texan, Wendy Davis has taken on her share of tough fights.

Raised by a single mother, Wendy began working after school at age 14 to help support her mom and three siblings. By 19, she was on her way to becoming a single mother, working two jobs  just to make ends meet.

Knowing that education was the only path to creating a better life for her young daughter, Wendy enrolled in Tarrant County Community College. After two years, she transferred to Texas Christian University and became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree before attending Harvard Law School.

Committed to Public Service

After graduating with honors from Harvard Law, Wendy served nine years on the Fort Worth City Council where she was recognized as a leader on economic development issues. As chair of the City’s Economic Development Committee, Wendy helped create numerous public-private partnerships, and successfully helped bring thousands of new jobs to Tarrant County.

Wendy was elected to the Texas Senate in 2008, defeating a longtime incumbent in a race widely considered one of the biggest upsets in Texas politics in recent years.

A Record of Strength

In 2011, Senator Davis stood up and filibustered a budget that ultimately slashed over $5 billion from our public schools. And Wendy’s leadership in the legislature was instrumental in getting a majority of that funding restored to the budget in 2013.

Wendy believes our children deserve access to a world-class education. She believes that improving Texas education can create jobs and keep Texas on top. She continues to work on improving public schools by investing more in classrooms and reducing the number of standardized tests given to students.

Wendy Davis has also pushed for and supported policies that would create jobs for our service men and women upon their re-entry into civilian life and making sure that veterans, service members, and their families are provided every opportunity for a quality education.

Wendy has helped pass important accountability measures to ensure taxpayer dollars meant to help Texas businesses are spent in the manner in which they were intended– to create jobs and boost economic development efforts across the state of Texas.