A Memoir

Forgetting to Be Afraid

FORGETTING TO BE AFRAID is a deeply personal memoir by one of the country’s strongest new political leaders, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. On-sale September 9, 2014!

About Wendy Davis

Meet the woman behind the book

On June 25, 2013, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was introduced to the world as a hero to women and the men who love them by fighting back against an abuse of power by Austin’s political insiders.

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Praise for Wendy Davis

A national phenomenon [with] a long history of persisting against tough odds.


Wendy Davis makes for an intriguing warrior. Even her political enemies concede her toughness.

Robert Draper, The New York Times Magazine

A national hero.

The Austin Chronicle

When Texas state senator Wendy Davis announced her candidacy for governor of Texas, women across the country breathed a collective sigh of relief and broke out into cheers...There is no doubt that when she successfully filibustered on women's reproductive rights, she inspired the women in this country like few have in a very long time.

Regina Garson, Forward Progressives

Wendy Davis has had her share of tough fights. Raised by a single mother with a ninth-grade education, Davis began working after school at age fourteen to contribute to the family finances. By the time she was nineteen, she was living in a trailer park with a baby daughter on her way to being a single mother, and holding down various jobs. But rather than succumb to the cycle of poverty that threatened to overwhelm her, Davis managed to finish Texas Christian University first in her class, later graduated from Harvard Law School, and went on to serve nine years on the Fort Worth City Council. She set her sights on the Texas state senate—and in 2008 defeated a longtime GOP incumbent in a race widely considered one of the biggest recent upsets in Texas politics.

But it wasn’t until June 2013 that the rest of America was acquainted with the spirited Texas state senator. Davis became an overnight political sensation and a hero to women’s rights supporters across the country when she bravely filibustered Governor Rick Perry’s sweeping bill that aimed to shutter women’s health centers across her state. During her historic thirteen hours on the floor of the state legislature, Davis wasn’t allowed to eat, drink, sit, use the bathroom, speak off-topic, or lean against any furniture. When it was over, Wendy Davis—with her pink sneakers—was suddenly a household name.

She is now the first Democrat to make a serious run for governor of Texas in two decades, and her personal story is a testament to the enduring power of the American dream and an inspiration to countless women looking for a way out of desperate circumstances. Told in her own refreshingly forthright voice, Forgetting to Be Afraid is the exhilarating and deeply moving story behind one of the nation’s brightest young political stars.